Welcome to OMG Events

Welcome to our new combined website for OMG events and Black Sheep Events! We are making our events and information easier to locate by keeping them under one site so that you can easily find out what events there are and keep up to date with the news around our Magfed and Scenario activities and of course book tickets! 

Welcome to Black Sheep Events

From the same people that brought you Only Magfed Games, a trusted and proven team with a fresh innovative approach to paintball. You the players have asked, so Black Sheep events will provide Scenario paintball events! We will provide Scenario Paintball with unique and challenging premier locations to play, both here in the UK and Europe. Events will be from 1-3 days. Our events are intensive and immersive with the same quality and variety of locations you know we deliver for Magfed players and through whom we have built our strong relationship with the MOD.  Our ethos is about growing paintball and making it more accessible so we will bring to scenario paintball the same excellent experiences at affordable prices, by a team with a solid reputation for delivery.